Decorating with Rivets and Pebaro

Individual fashion -
Decorating with rivets

With our Stone Setting Iron Art. 0250
you can start immediately!

How it’s done

Decorating with Rivets - Lining the Motif

Step 1:

To outline your favourite pattern, place the rivets (with adhesive layer!) onto your material

Decorating with Rivets - Setting the Rivets with the Stone Setting Iron by Pebaro

Step 2:

Heat up your stone setting iron with it’s flat picker and pick up the rivets vertically with it.

Putting Rivets on the Material - Decorating with Rivets

Step 3:

Heat each rivet until the adhesive layer has melted and place the rivet onto the material until it sticks.

Finished decorated Meterial following an idea by Pebaro

Step 4:

You just created a unique design with rivets!