About us – Peter Bausch Ronsdorf (PeBaRo) – A company introduces itself

Since its start in 1919, our company’s headquarters is in Wuppertal-Ronsdorf, Germany where we produce a wide variety of hobby items and tools. As manufacturers of tools in general, we soon decided to specialize in making handsaws and tools for fretwork in which we eventually became the market leader!

Our brand is most commonly known as Pebaro (Peter Bausch Ronsdorf) and we are continuously trying to enhance and widen our range of products. That’s why we decided to start the production of miniature electric drills already in 1978. Alongside our patented fretsaw hand frames and our latest fretsaw templates, we also offer a wide range of “creative hobby” items, an area that’s constantly gaining more interest. In addition to our pyrography and glass engraving tools, we are now offering stone setting irons and candle decorating pens. In the middle of the 80s we also started developing a manicure and pedicure product line to cover greater interest than just the enthusiastic hobbyists. We’d like to invite you to take a look yourself at www.peter-bausch.de.

One brand, one development, constant quality.

Pebaro Logo until 1980

until 1980

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until 2018

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Pebaro History


Pebaro History


Pebaro Quality

Made in Germany – our fretsaw kits are without exception manufactured in Wuppertal, Germany.
The manual assembly guarantees our high quality level. In addition, each set is checked by hand for quality and completeness in the final inspection. Our assortment of fretsaw artwork are also made in Germany.

Our brand Peter Bausch stands for high quality. We associate our name and the composition of our products with excellence and offer products which provide pleasure and enjoyment. The satisfaction of our customers is most important to us!

Quality and design are major factors in a world that’s controlled by mass production. That’s why our products compose an opposite pole to the Asian models which usually are inferior and provide less quality.

The CE-Identification verifies the compliances with essential and relevant requirements related to the European guidelines. All of our products carry the CE-Identification.