Craft ideas for the autumn -
Butterfly lantern

How it’s done

Step 1:

You need: our precision knife set (item 17-1S), our hot glue gun, a blank PET bottle, parchment paper, colorful cardboard, colorful tracing paper.

Step 2:

First, form small pieces of parchment paper and filled into the bottle.

Step 3:

Then 4 colored leaves are created from colored cardboard – here our knife set helps you to work precisely.

Step 4:

Then you stuck the recesses of a wing with colored transparent paper and stuck another on it.

Step 5:

Now put the double wings to the PET bottle with the help of the hot glue gun. After attaching a wire suspension, the light of the lantern stick is hung in the bottle.

Step 6:

Done is the cute butterfly lantern!

You need this product for the craft idea

Precision knife set
Item #: 17-1S
with 3 holders and 13 blades
Price 6,95 €
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