Crafting Ideas For Christmas - a little Christmas Tree

Craft ideas for Christmas -
Little tree

How it’s done

Crafting a little Christmas Tree with the Electrical Hobby Drill by Pebaro

Step 1:

You need:

  • our Electrical Hobby Drill 0508EKR
  • a saw for wood (here universal saw 10)
  • wooden discs
  • wooden sticks
  • wooden skewers
Crafting a little Christmas Tree with Sticks - Sawing Wooden Sticks

Step 2:

First you saw the wooden sticks to size (e.g. with the universal saw Art. 10) and sort them from short to long. Put a sawn-off piece of wood aside as a log.

Crafting a little Christmas Tree - Drilling holes into the Sticks

Step 3:

Then drill a hole in the middle of each stick and in the wooden disc with the Hobby Drill (Art. 0508EKR). In addition to the included drill bits of the set, larger drill bits (Art. HSS 225) can help, depending on the thickness of the wooden skewer.

Crafting a little Christmas Tree - Building the Tree

Step 4:

Then the sticks are put on the spit from small to large, shooting the small trunk, and placed on the platelet. At the top a small star can be attached. Ready is a great Christmas decoration!

You need this product for the craft idea

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