Spring Crafting - Colourful Birds

Spring crafting -
Colourful birds

How it’s done

Spring Crafting - Materials for Fabric Birds

Step 1:

With the handicraft set ‘Mini Iron and Rhinestone Flask in One’ by Pebaro you can make these birds. Additionally you need colorful cloth and a cord.

Spring Crafting - Vliesofix for Fabric Birds

Step 2:

The enclosed fleece fix is placed on the fabric with the rough side down and a circle is cut from it. Then it is ironed onto the fabric. Cut the legs and beak out of the fabric and place them, then fold everything in the middle.

Spring Crafting - Ironing the Fabric Birds

Step 3:

Now the surface is ironed once more from the outside and finally a strass stone as an eye is fixed with the flask.

Spring Crafting - Colourful Fabric Birds

Step 4:

Ready are the colored chickens!

You need this product for the craft idea

Mini-Iron and Crystal Stick in One Set
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