DIY Decorations with the Hot Glue Gun by Pebaro

DIY Home Decor -
Designing with the hot glue gun

How it`s done

DIY Decorations: Designing with the Hot Glue Gun on Canvas

Step 1:

Grab a canvas or similar (here a plywood plate), empty glass or a bottle, our hot glue gun and a pen to draw your desired motif.

Drawing on Canvas with the Hot Glue Gun

Step 2:

Draw your desired motif with the hot glue gun and let the glue dry.

Drawing on Glass with the Hot Glue Gun

Step 3:

The same works on the glass.

Spray Paint on Canvas and Glass

Step 4:

Now spray the whole object in your desired colour and let it dry well.

DIY 3D Canvas Art

Step 5:

Your own work of art is finished!

DIY Decorations with Glass Bottles

Step 6:

And here the bottles.

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