Sandalen verzieren mit Pebaro - Individuelle Mode selber machen

Designing a leather key chain

How it works

Sandalen mit Nieten verzieren

Step 1:

You will need a keychain made of leather, a template, pencil, clips and a woodburning iron from our range.

Sandalen mit Nieten verzieren mit dem Pebaro Nieten-Kolben

Step 2:

The template is attached to the leather surface with the clips. The motif is then transferred onto it with pressure.

Sandalen mit Nieten dekorieren

Step 3:

The lines of the motif are traced on the leather with a pencil.

Selbst gestaltete Sandalen nach einer Idee von Pebaro

Step 4:

Now trace the lines slowly with the woodburning iron.
Tip: The best way to achieve the shades is to touch the leather very easily and quickly.

Selbst gestaltete Sandalen nach einer Idee von Pebaro

Step 5:

Color in until you get the desired hue of shade. Press on the darker areas a little more firmly.

That’s it!

You need this product for the craft idea

Woodburning iron
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The woodburning pen comes in handy and helps burning wonderful patterns and decoration into wood.
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