DIY Home Decor - Decorating Candles with Pebaro

DIY Home Decor -
Decorating Candles

How it`s done

DIY Decorations with self designed Candles

Step 1:

You need this:

  • the Candle Decorating Pen by Pebaro
  • best a bright candle
  • a nice napkin
DIY Decorations on candles with napkin motifs

Step 2:

Cut out the napkin motif. Remove the two unprinted lower layers – they are not needed.

DIY Candles with ironed Napkin Motif

Step 3:

Place the napkin over the candle and smooth it down. Then iron over the candle with the ironing attachment without pressure.

DIY individual candles

Step 4:

Create individual candles with ease!

You need this product for the craft idea

Candle Decorating Pen
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The candle decorating pen comes in handy and helps creating wonderful, original candles!
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