Building a Dragon Bear - Wooden Toy - with Pebaro

Build your own wooden toys-
Dragon bear

How it’s done

Building a Dragon Bear - Fretsaw Pattern by Pebaro

Step 1:

With the Pebaro Fretsaw Starter Set and the template Flying Dragon this mobile can be recreated. For this purpose the fretwork template must be sawn out on the fretwork board to protect the table.

Building a Dragon Bear - Driling a hole with the Fretsaw Drill by Pebaro

Step 2:

Holes are drilled in the wings with the drill bit so that the ropes can then be pulled through.

Building a Dragon Bear -Painting the Pattern

Step 3:

First paint the dragon bear colourful, let it dry and then mount the ropes. A detailed instruction is enclosed in the package.

Building a Dragon Bear - a Fretsaw Pattern by Pebaro

Step 4:

Ready is the flying bear and can make the children’s room happy.

You need this product for the craft idea

Flying Dragon
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2 plates, size A4.
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Fretwork Kit: Fretwork Drill + Wooden Cutting Table
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This starter fretwork kit includes a fretwork drill which is essential to cut out the insides of...
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