DIY Home Decor - Decorating a Flowerpot with Pebaro

DIY Home Decor
Decorating a Flowerpot

How it`s done

Decorating a Flower Pot with Twigs

Step 1:

What you need:

  • Flowerpot
  • natural fibre (e.g. a piece of potato sack)
  • Branches
  • Cord our saw Art.730
  • and the hot glue gun Art.269ok.
Determine the length of the Twigs for Decorations

Step 2:

First, the length of the branches is determined by the flowerpot…

Shortening the Twigs for Decorating a Flower Pot

Step 3:

…and then shortened with the saw 730.

Covering a Flower Pot with Natural Fibre

Step 4:

Now the pot is covered with a piece of natural fibre and fixed with the hot glue gun.

Sticking Twigs together with the Hot Glue Gun by Pebaro

Step 5:

Then the sawn branches are glued on and decorated with a cord if necessary.

Individualised Flower Pot

Step 6:


You need this product for the craft idea

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Wood saw blade
Item #: 730
Designer saw blade with wood saw blade
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