Decorating Sandals with Pebaro - Self Made Fashion

Individual fashion -
Decorating sandals

How it’s done

Decorating a Sandal with Pebaro Stone Setting Iron

Step 1:

To decorate for example sandals, you only need our rhinestone set with extensive accessories.

Decorating a Sandal - Setting the Rivets

Step 2:

When designing the shoes you start at the edge with the larger rivets and use the flat top for this! After picking up the rivet, the heated Pebaro piston is held on the surface to be decorated for about 3 seconds.

Decorating Sandals with Rivets and the Pebaro Stone Setting Iron

Step 3:

This procedure is now repeated bit by bit. The rivets can be arranged according to your own taste.

Individualized Sandals following an idea by Pebaro

Step 4:

Ready are the very special shoes!
Tip: For decorating you can also use our rhinestones in different colours and sizes.

You need this product for the craft idea

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