Decorating Sandals with Pebaro - Self Made Fashion

Individual fashion -
Decorating sandals

With our Stone Setting Iron Art. 0250
you can start immediately!

How it’s done

Decorating a Sandal with Pebaro Stone Setting Iron

Step 1:

Things you need for this idea:
the Pebaro stone setting iron which can be used for rivets as well black rivets or rivets in the color that you prefer and Birkenstock sandals or similar sandals

Decorating a Sandal - Setting the Rivets

Step 2:

Start with the biggest size of rivets for the edges. Use the flat tip for that! The hot device has to be put onto the surface of the rivet for 3 seconds.

Decorating Sandals with Rivets and the Pebaro Stone Setting Iron

Step 3:

Repeat step 2 to place all the different sized rivets onto the material as you like it!

Individualized Sandals following an idea by Pebaro

Step 4:

The sandals are finished and individualized!