Spring Crafting - Colourful Birds

Spring crafting -
Colourful birds

With our mini iron Art. 0210
you can start immediately!

How it’s done

Spring Crafting - Materials for Fabric Birds

Step 1:

You will need the following things to craft:

  • Coloured fabric
  • Cord for the legs
  • Vliesofix
  • rivets to iron on
  • the Pebaro mini iron with rivets function
Spring Crafting - Vliesofix for Fabric Birds

Step 2:

Now cut a circle from the fabric and Vliesofix. The Vliesofix is ironed with the rough side down on the fabric.
Then place legs and beak and fold the whole thing in the middle.

Spring Crafting - Ironing the Fabric Birds

Step 3:

Now everything is ironed again from the outside and finally you put on a rivet as an eye.

Spring Crafting - Colourful Fabric Birds

Step 4:

Ready are the colored chickens!